Premiership teams


                                                                                                     Photo Gallery

First Senior Premiership


Back row - F.McKay (Trainer), W.Chaplain, E.Dalton, N.Caston, J.Brazsell, H.Skillbeck (Trainer), R.Manton, E.Jenkins, J.Youens, G.McErvale, B.Cooper (Trainer)

Third row - T.Willies, K.Silvey, A.Spiers (Treasurer), C.Waller, G.Scott (Presient), A.Lawless (Secretary), W.Long, S.Bayly (Coach), E.Skillbeck, C.Geyer (Trainer)

Second row - R.O'Brien, R.Scott, D.Morris, S.Webb (Captain), T.Davies (V-Captain), E.Waller, S.Jenkins, J.Atkinson

Front row - A.Richards, W.Jenkins, B.Leask, J.Cassells


Score: Redan 10.12.72 d Maryborough 8.3.51

Best: Clete Waller, Tom Davies, Ern Waller, Eric Dalton, Ron Carton, Bob O’Brien, Eddie Skilbeck

Goals: Ern Waller 3, Jack Atkinson 2, Stan Webb, Eric Dalton, Eddie Skilbeck, Ron Carton, Stan Jenkins


The competition was spread over four Grades, A, B, C, and D.


Redan won its first senior premiership, despite not scoring its first goal until the 3rd quarter and were able to keep Maryborough scoreless in that quarter.


The average age was 24.5 years and their average height was 5 foot 6 inches. Steve Bayly was Coach and Stan Webb was the captain, Stan also won the first Courier Trophy in 1946.


Eric Dalton aged 34 years was the Premiership Captain/Coach at North City, the next weekend he played on permit for Redan who are also Premiers, some feat! Eric was later an inaugural Hall of Fame member.


The Premiership dinner was held on 19th October at the St George’s Hall.

                                                                                                        Photo Gallery

Premiers and Champions

Back row - B.Wells, C.Geyer (Head Trainer), R.Splatt, R.Stalker, B.Jones (Trainer), L.Borrack

Fourth row - L.Templar, C.Howard, T.Thorpe (Trainer), W.Dunstan (Trainer), S.Halliday (Trainer), W.Wells, M.Haymes

Third row - F.Murphy, J.Ritchie, J.Wunhym (Sec.), L.Waller (Pres.) H.Lee (Prop. Steward), A.Spiers (Treas.), D.Murphy, M.Spittle

Second row - A.Fyffe, R.Carlyon, R.McLeod, W.Ebery (Vice-Capt), K.Rawle (Capt & Coach), J.Papworth, M.Lyle, F.Borrack, G.Jackson

Front - H.Packham, C.Holloway (Mascot) Absent - D.Dench

Score: Redan 17.9.111 d Ballarat 13.9.87

Best: Keith Rawle, Dinny Murphy, Len Templar, Bill Ebery, Max Spittle, Frank Murphy.

Goals: Robert Splatt 4, Keith Rawle 3, Max Lyle 2, Len Templar 2, Dinny Murphy 2, Allan Fyffe 2, Les Borrack, Jack Papworth.

In 1952 Daylesford was re-admitted along with a new club Ballarat North City (1961 their name was changed to North Ballarat).

Redan becomes the first club in the league to remain undefeated for a season. Redan were Premiers and Champions for the first time in club history and were coached by Keith Rawle. The reserves were also Premiers coached by Max Lyle, they defeating Geelong West by 36 points. The under 18’s win their fourth premiership in a row.

The R. W. Edward trophy was won by Herb Packham and the leading goalkicker was W “Bomber” Wells with 73 goals. Eight Redan footballers trapped in a lift at the Base Hospital for one hour after visiting “Bomber” Wells who was in hospital.

The end of season trip was by car to Adelaide.

                                                                                                  Photo Gallery

Back row - T.McAliece, A.Andjelkovic, D.Chibnall, D.Atkinson, I.Christie, W.Lyle

Middle row - B.Hepper, D.Baxter, G.Gellie, R.Tweedale, T.Bennett, G.Ludbrook. I.Baker, J.Burt

Front row - L.Powell (Runner), A.Quinney, J.Rivett, J.Northey (Capt.-Coach), P.Merriman (V.Capt.), G.Jenkins, K.Nunn, L.Aberdeen (Trainer)

Score: Redan 13.15.93 d East Ballarat 13.14.92

Best: John Northey, Ian Baker, Ian Christie, Geoff Jenkins, Ken Nunn, John Rivett, Wayne Lyle

Goals: John Rivett 3, Peter Merriman 2, Terry McAliece, John Northey 2, Tony Quinney 2, Brian Hepper, David Atkinson

Ballarat football entered a new era in 1975 with John Northey beginning a three year run of premierships. His introduction of the fast flow-on style gained with his successful years at Richmond set the standard for other clubs to strive for.  

Redan were minor premiers with 14 wins. Brian ‘Doc’ Hepper kicked a remarkable goal to win Redan’s First Senior premiership in twenty three years, the start of a golden era. A special wine was bottled called BIN 23.

The reserves won the premiership for the second consecutive year coached by Peter Merriman. David Atkinson won the goal kicking award with 67 goals. Coloured football shorts were introduced in 1975. After game celebration was at the Showgrounds Pavilion.

Mrs. Maude Smith washes her 17,000th jumper for the Redan Football Club, Maude had laundered jumpers and towels for period of eighteen years.

Back row - T.McAliece, D.Tuddenham, T.Bennett, I.Christie, J.Warren, R.Tweedale, M.Brandon

Middle row - V.Stewart (Trainer), L.Powell, L.Lubeek, G.Gellie, L.McKenzie, D.Jenkins, M.Powell (Trainer)

Front row - P.Gleeson, K.Nunn, C.Chester, J.Northey (Capt. Coach), P.Merriman, G.Jenkins, J.Burt

Absent - D.Atkinson, B.McLellan


Scores: Redan 12.13.85 d Golden Point 11.13.79

Best: David Jenkins, Graeme Gellie, John Burt, John Northey, Peter Merriman

Goals: Colin Chester 4, Peter Merriman 3, John Northey 2, Pat Gleeson 2, David Jenkins                                                                  


Redan kicks a club record score against Beaufort 34 -32-236 to nil, Colin Chester kicks 18 goals. Peter Merriman plays his 200th BFL game and Colin Chester his 100th Redan senior game.


The Redan Football club was Premiers for second year in succession, in front of a BFL record gate. David Jenkins wins the Henderson medal and Peter Gilbert the George King medal in the reserves.


Senior players were paid $10 a win $5 a loss, reserves $3 a win and $2 a loss. Under16’s were not awarded the Premiership after going through undefeated in the season of 1976, the reason being that coaches and supporters invaded the ground due to an altercation on the field and the game was abandoned.

3rd Successive Premiership

Back row - Lindsay Powell, Terry McAliece, Trevor Bennett, John Warren, Trevor Cussen, Daryl Chibnall, John Geary

Middle row - Les Aberdeen (Trainer), Val Stewart (Trainer),  Ken Nunn, Graeme Gellie, Leigh McKenzie, Michael Brandon, David Jenkins, Hank Van Dolderen (Trainer), Murray Powell (Trainer)

Front row - Tony Quinney, John Burt, Jeff Lillingston, John Northey (Capt. Coach), Peter Merriman (Reserves Coach), Stephen Packham

Absent - Clem Foster, Garry Murnane, Eric Lowe, Laurens Lubeek


Scores: Redan 12.15.85 d North Ballarat 10.12.72

Best: Jeff Lillington, Laurens Lubeek, Graeme Gellie, John Warren, Ken Nunn, David Jenkins

Goals: Ken Nunn 3, John Warren 2, Gary Murnane 2, David Jenkins, Trevor Cussen, Peter Merriman, Stephen Packham, Eric Lowe


Redan were Premiers in the senior section for the third year in succession. Redan's 13 point margin was the largest of its hat-trick of premierships.


The season was plagued by continuous wet weather. BFL pays a dividend of $1,150 to each club.

Redan elects its first lady life member Joyce Hicks and her husband Evan Hicks.


Bingo starts at the Western Oval clubrooms.

                                                                                                           Photo Gallery

Back row - Jayden Reid, Ryan Head, Orren Stephenson, Luke Cooney, Haldane Nelson, Mark Kennedy

Third row - Gary Hickey Paul Ellis, Ryan Knowles, Justin Rumble, Sam Giblett, Chris Matthews, Julian Vallance, Craig Jackson, Grahame Yates

Second row - Wayne King, Wayne Sharp, Damian Linton, Scott Easdown, Gareth Hose, Luke Nunn, Chris Beattie, Mark Partington, Justin Power, Paul O'Neil, Stewart Flack, Leigh Yates

Front row - Robbie Greenbank, Adrian King, Dru Quinlan (Capt), Brett Quinlan (Coach), Mark Verberne, Aaron Freeland, Ash Barker Mascots - J.Partington, Kade Linton


Scores: Redan 16.14.110 d Sunbury 6.15.51

Best: Mark Kennedy, Justin Power, Justin Rumble, Dru Quinlan, Chris Beattie, Luke Nunn

Goals: Paul Ellis 3, Justin Rumble 2, Aaron Freeland 2, Ash Barker 2, Julian Vallance, Luke Nunn, Ryan Head, Jayden Reid, Mark Partington, Dru Quinlan


Redan wins first Senior Premiership in 25 years against Sunbury. Great excitement around the club as it’s the start of a ‘golden era’. The long wait was greatly appreciated by Past Players, Coaches, Officials, supporters and sponsors.


Brett Quinlan is announced as the BFL Coach of the Year. Captain Dru Quinlan attracts many hits on the successful Redan website called ‘Inside the Den’, he had many funny stories to tell.


Reunion of the 1952 Premiers and Champions team also the reserves and under 18’s Premiership teams, great to have Keith Rawle attend from Queensland and many of his team. A wonderful reunion!


The first Ballarat Courier Great Duck Race run by the Past Players & Officials at View Point, Lake Wendouree attracts much interest. Redan reserves netballers were Premiers.

                                                                                                                Photo Gallery

Back row - Jayden Reid, Haldane Nelson, Matthew McMahon, Orren Stephenson, Keirnan Molloy, Glen Wilkins, Paul Ellis

Second row - Wayne King, Leigh Yates, Damian Ross, Chris Matthews, Damien Linton, Michael Freek, Aaron Freeland, Matthew Walsh, Ryan Knowles, Luke Nunn, Brad McGowan, Julian Vallance, Adrian Meyer, Sam Giblett, Gareth Hose, Justin Rumble, Paul O'Neil, Andrew Jones, Shane McCarty

Front row - Justin Simpkin, Ash Barker, Nathan Ryan, Mark Kennedy, Brett Quinlan (Coach), Dru Quinlan (Captain), Adrian King, Ricky Cummins, Juston Power, Stewart Flack, Ian McCall, Craig Jackson

Mascots - Kayde Linton


Scores: Redan 16.11.107 d Sunbury 10.9.69

Best: Mark Kennedy, Jayden Reid, Ryan Knowles, Andrew Jones, Justin Power

Goals: Jayden Reid 4, Justin Rumble 3, Matthew Walsh 2, Ash Barker 2, Mark Kennedy , Glenn Wilkins, Andrew Jones, Paul Ellis, Kieran Molloy


President Ian Cooney completes his 4th term as President. Redan recruit decorated player Glenn Wilkins. Redan’s second Premiership in succession defeating Sunbury by 38 points. Mark Kennedy was best on ground for second year. 


In 2003 a wonderful effort by the Past Players’ and Officials’ saw 35 volunteers complete the renovation of a house in Waller Avenue this was a great team effort, the PPAO were able to donate $25,000 towards lights at the City Oval and a loan for $25,000 to erect the lights.


A big thank you to Russell Tweeddale for his generosity in allowing our club to renovate his family home, this was magnificent effort by the Past Players’ & Officials’, and they also conduct the Great Australian Duck Race at Lake Wendouree to raise funds for dialysis unit at the Ballarat Base Hospital. 

                                                                                                                  Photo Gallery

Back row - Grant Polkinhorne, Damian Linton, Tom McKinnon, Derek Micallef, Ryan Knowles, Jarrod Edwards, David Runge, Jarret Giampaolo, David Jalbart, Andrew Jones, Nathan Blomeley, Marcus Cummins, Steve Nicholson, Shane Snibson, Josh Walsh, Brett Dickinson, Damian Lubeek, Matthew Pitt, Chris Matthews, Sam Giblett, Heath Scultz, Ryan Waight, Alex Walsh, Adrian King, Simon Ward, Matthew Harkin, Tim Glasson, Damian Ross, Neil Short, Ken Nunn

Front row - Adam Jenkins, Julian Field, Matthew Dwyer, Ash Barker (VC), Jayden Reid (Capt), Kieran Murrihy (Coach), Brendan Peace, Jake Bridges, Tom Humphries, Tyler Booth

Mascots - Alec Ross, Kayde Linton


Scores: Redan 20.17.137 d East Point 17.16.118

Best: Brendan Peace, Julian Field, Jarrod Edwards, Ryan Knowles, Ryan Waight, Brett Dickinson

Goals: Ashley Barker 3, Ryan Knowles 3, Derik Micallef 2, Kieran Murrihy 2, Andrew Jones 2,

Ryan Waight 2, Brendan Peace, Jayden Reid, Nathan Blomeley, Jake Bridges, Matt Dwyer, Julian Field


Redan kicks a club record score against Bacchus Marsh 38.19.247 to 6.6.42. Redan coached by Kieran Murrihy wins the Premiership against East Point by 19 points.  Past Players and Officials’ hold a Grand Final Breakfast, John Birt and John Northey are the main speakers.


Champion Redan junior player and Geelong captain Neil Trezise AO dies. Jarrod Edwards wins the Henderson Medal. Redan coach Kieran Murrihy is awarded the BFL Coach of the Year. Ryan Waight is selected as an All Australian player after the VCFL state carnival.


Under 13.5 Reserves Premiers coached by John Jess, John is also selected as coach of the year in Under 13’s. Redan under 18.5 netballers were Premiers.

Click image for video      Photo Gallery

Back row - Marcus Cummins, Luke Nunn, Brett Dickinson, Justin Rumble, Sam Gosbell , Dave Jelbart

Third row - Sam Giblett, Chris Matthews, Justin Simpkin, Damien Horbury, Jarret Giampaolo, Matthew Pitt, Brendan Clohesy

Second row - Damian Linton, Ken Nunn, Grant Polinghore, Damian Ross, Neil Short, Gerard Faulkner

Front row - Paul McMahon, Julian Field, Jarrod Edwards, Kieran Murrihy (Coach), Nathan Blomeley (Capt), Ash Baker, Matt Dwyer, Derek Micallef

Mascots - Sam Short, Alec Ross, Kayde Linton


Scores: Redan 18.15.123 d Sunbury 15.9.105

Best: Luke Nunn, Matt Dwyer, Julian Field, Chris Matthews, Ashley Barker, Derik Micallef

Goals: Derik Micallef 4, Damien Horbury 3, Ashley Barker 3, Brendan Clohesy 2, Matt Dwyer 2,

Brett Dickinson, Nathan Blomeley, Paul McMahon, Justin Rumble


Second Premiership in succession defeating arch rivals Sunbury by 18 points. Redan’s 9th Senior Premiership. Jarrod Edwards wins his second Henderson medal, Redan's 9th Henderson Medal.


Past Coach/Player and 3 times Dalton/Bayly winner John Burt is awarded an OAM. Second Hall of Fame, former coach and Henderson medal winners Mike Phyland and Michael Smith are guest speakers.


Warwick Remington completes ten years as treasurer. Bingo celebrates its 30th birthday; it has netted the club $645,250 since it started in 1977.

                                                                                                      Photo Gallery

Back row - Ryan Knowles, Owen Hillier, Jarrett Giampaolo, Matt Hyden, Nathan Horbury

Third row - Mascot Alex Ross, Matt Pitt, Darcy Watchorn, Anthony Kilmartin, Stephen Kane, Leigh Ryall, Damien Horbury, Isaac Smith, Ryan Waight

Second row - Paul McMahon, Geoff Smith, Jarrod Edwards, Brendan Peace, Nathan Blomeley, Ash Barker, Sam Giblett, Jake Bridges

Front row - Mascots - Kayde Linton, Ellen Madden, Jessie Cullinan, Matt Short, Max Faulkner, Will Madden, Lleyton Scheele

Scores: Redan 13.13.91 d East Point 6.12.48

Best: Matthew Pitt, Jarrod Edwards, Nathan Blomeley, Brendan Peace, Stephen Kane, Matthew Hyden

Goals: Damien Horbury 4, Paul McMahon 2, Isaac Smith 2, Ashley Barker 1, Jake Bridges 1, Ryan Knowles 1, Matthew Pitt 1, Nathan Horbury 1

After two years at North Ballarat (VFL), Brendan Peace returns to coach and is rewarded with a Premiership in first year as coach. Five out of six junior teams play finals, a great experience. A great year for Neil Short and his committee.

Auskick is also a wonderful success. Sam Giblett and Ryan Knowles play their 100th games both also with 4 flags and Ash Barker with now a club record of 5 premierships. Jarrod Edwards continues to amaze with his fourth Henderson medal also honour of being BFL inter-league captain and VCFL captain.

Netball girls have a great year winning premierships in Reserves and under 18. Over 110 people attend a very successful Team of the Decade dinner at Saxon House run by the Past Player’s and Official’s, on the night Steve Bayly, Joyce Hicks and Brett Quinlan were inducted into the Redan Football Netball Clubs Hall of Fame.

The Den is becoming the club’s main money raising venture. The club's presentation dinner is a huge success with over 170 people in attendance, presentations and speeches were first class. Kieran Murrihy is selected to coach the BFL inter-league side in 2010.

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