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Known as:   The Lions formerly known as the Maroons


Established: 1871        


Club colours:  Maroon jumper with gold yoke and lion monogram


Home Ground:  City Oval, Mair, Street. Ballarat, Juniors at Western Oval


Ground Dimensions: 159m x 110m


Competitions participated in:  Victorian Football Association 1887-88

                                                          Ballarat Football Fourth Rate Association 1902

                                                          Ballarat Football Third Rate Association 1903

                                                          Ballarat First Rate Junior Association 1906

                                                          Ballarat Football Association 1915- 1921

                                                          Christian Young Men’s Association 1919 -1921

                                                          Ballarat Football Association 1922-1942

                                                          Ballarat Football under 21 Football Assoc 1928-1942

                                                          Ballarat B Grade Football League 1938-1946

                                                          Ballarat Football League 1943 to present


Club Championships: 1967, 1975, 1976, 2012


VCFL Most Disciplined Club: 2004 and 2005


Brief history of Redan Football Club including Football in Ballarat:


The Redan Football Club played two games in 1871 against the Ballarat Football Club, in 1872 it was formed as an official club but this was short lived as it disbanded in 1873, the club has disbanded a total of eight times.


The following is a summary:

Founded in 1872, disbanded in 1873

Reformed in 1878 renamed Ballarat South Imperial Football Club 1884, disbanded in 1885

Reformed in 1886 renamed Redan Football Club in 1888, disbanded in1892

Reformed in 1893, disbanded in 1895

Reformed in 1898, disbanded in 1908

Reformed in 1910, disbanded in 1914

Reformed in 1916, disbanded in 1917

Reformed in 1918, disbanded in 1919

Reformed in 1920


In 1880 Redan wore a blue and white Guernsey with red sash, blue and white stocking and cap, in 1886, Red and White jersey.

1887, Red jersey, blue knickers, blue and white socks

1889, Maroon and blue jersey, maroon socks

1891, Maroon and Blue jersey

1892, Red, white and Blue jersey

1900, Red and white jumper

1901, Red and white jumper

1921, Maroon and Gold jumper’

Sourced from the ‘Wayne Hankin papers’ at the MCC Library


The first Ballarat Football game was played at the Copenhagen Grounds on April 27, 1860 - the current Western Oval stands on part of the original site. The first Redan game was reported in ‘The Ballarat Star Saturday 2nd September 1871’ against the Ballarat Football Club


‘The Redan team was made up from miners from the Band of Hope mine and their average weight was 14 Stone (90kg). The Ballarat Star newspaper reported that the Redan team was everywhere, kicking and tripping regardless of the consequences’.


Early matches in Ballarat appear to have been conducted on a purely social basis, but in 1874 organized football matches started in Ballarat.


By 1882 there were over 100 local clubs in Ballarat; ‘a match was played at the Western Oval between a combined team of ironmongers and booksellers against the drapers, which resulted in a victory for the former, two goals to one’.  The Courier May 1882. p4.


‘Carlton was the first Victorian Football Association club to play at Saxon Paddock; it drew with Ballarat nil all in May 1877. The Courier May 1877


‘A match was recorded in 1883 at the Miners Racecourse between the Ballarat North and the second twenty of Redan, which resulted, after a very exciting game, in a victory to Redan by three goals to one’. In those early days only goals counted. The Courier 11th June 1883.  page4


Two teams representing market gardeners and miners played a match in front of 5,000 spectators on 26 August 1892 at the Eastern Oval. The Ballarat Evening Post reported that children in the town had taken lessons in Chinese so that they could barrack ‘in a proper fashion’. The final scores were Gardeners 4-1 to Miners 2-5


The Ballarat Football Association was founded in 1893 with four clubs, Ballarat, Ballarat Imperials, South Ballarat and Sebastopol.


On 25th June 1895 the suggestion by South Ballarat that an injured player could be replaced by a substitute player from the same club during the match was accepted. Sebastopol was allowed to field three extra players (23) but they were forced to disband because of the shortage of players.


In 1887 Redan changed its name to South Ballarat and played in the Victorian Football Association together with Ballarat and Ballarat Imperials. Both clubs played for two seasons 1887/1888. Ballarat Football Club was a foundation member of the VFA they played from 1877 to 1888. The three teams returned to Ballarat and didn’t return to Melbourne again after being left out of the draw in 1899


A repeat of a game held in 1892 once again played for charitable purposes saw a large crowd of 5,000 spectators at the Eastern Oval. The game between the Chinese gardeners and Chinese miners during August 1896 saw pushing, throwing, and carrying the ball allowed, the game was won by the gardeners win four goals to three.


Following much local criticism Bell Park was re-named the City Oval on Friday 15th October 1888 by the City Council. The oval was first called Saxon Paddock; ‘Mr Thomas Bath sold the paddock to the City Council for 4300 pounds in 1896’ BFL 100 Years On


‘In 1899, the BFA proudly wore its new Navy Blue and Gold Guernsey, with matching stockings, to defeat the VFL in both ‘Test matches’ held during the year; a feat the BFA only accomplished once. The BFA was regarded the strongest Association outside Melbourne’. BFL 100 Years On


In 1889 trainers were appointed to look after players.


In 1894 local umpires were appointed, Sebastopol played their home games on the Eastern Oval with the regulation twenty players and ‘Place Kick’ of the local press suggested the use of boundary umpires for the fee of five shillings per match.


In 1896 Ballarat Imperials won their fourth premiership in a row, only three teams made up the league for many years.


In 1901 the BFA played the Coomeroogunga Station Football team, the aborigines had won 25 out of 26 matches but on this occasion Ballarat won by 16 points


Football in Ballarat was very strong and many players were very successful in the VFA/VFL. ‘The most highly regarded was Peter Burns who retired on 12th July. 1902, he played with North City Juniors/ Ballarat Imps, his VFL 20 year career was with South Melbourne and Geelong where he was Captain. He was Geelong’s timekeeper for 41 years’. 100 Years of Australian Football - BFL 100 years Years On


In 1902 Redan won its first Premiership in the Ballarat Rovers Association, in 1903 the club was runners up. In a return match with the V.F.L the B.F.A defeated the Melbourne team by two points.


In 1906 there was a First Rate Junior Association with Soldiers Hill, Enterprise, Redan, Golden Point and Central, this association changed name to the Ballarat Football League.


A match between the Victorian Football League and the Ballarat Football Association was held at the MCG in June 1906, in front of a crowd of 10,000 people. The VFL won 17.13.115 to 10.10.70, but the BFA gained revenge, to the tune of 30 points, in the return match in Ballarat six weeks later.


These ‘Test Matches’ from 1897 to 1907 were one of the main reasons for the unique history of the present day Ballarat Football League.


In 1908 the Ballarat Football League played New Zealand at the Eastern Oval, 48 pounds was taken at the gate. New Zealand was the winners by two points.


Football scandal- ‘The Imperial / Golden Point match alleged attempts at ‘Stiffening’

League to hold enquiry, the charges have occupied attention for six nights during a mass of evidence was taken. That, having heard all the evidence, they believe Horace Griffin had been approached by two men with view to inducing him to play ‘dead’, a offer of 12 pounds, that these two men were not connected with any of the League clubs’. The Ballarat Courier, Wednesday 12th October 1910


In 1912 players jumpers were numbered for the first time.


A special meeting of the Ballarat Football League was held at the Unicorn Hotel on 15th October 1919 to deal with the question of affiliation with the Victorian League, it was moved that the proposal was not advisable.


In recent times there has been interest of when women first played football. I have found that the Lucas girls played the Melbourne Khaki girls at the Eastern Oval in September 1918 the game raised 350 pounds for the Arch of Victory building appeal.


Both teams wore dresses to their knees and wore hats on their head. The Lucas factory was in Doveton Street South. Ballarat where Target is now, they made dresses and under-wear; the girls were instrumental in fundraising toward the construction of the Arch of Victory and the Avenue of Honour.


‘In 1921 Redan were Premiers defeating North City, after the allotted time the scores were tied at 9.8.62 each. There was much speculation about the outcome ! The Ballarat Courier 26 September. 1921, p7


There were changes to teams in 1922, Mt Clear withdrew and East and Creswick entered to compete with Point, High, North, South, Redan and Sebastopol, also in 1922 the BFA launched its own ‘seconds’ by forming the Ballarat Football Junior Association.


From 1923, Redan played in the under 21 competition and were very successful winning five premierships and two runners-up,  all coached by Steve Bayly.


A new era began in 1924 with Maryborough and Ararat entering the BFL, record attendances and gate records were created.


The 1927 Grand Final resulted in a tie Maryborough 6-10-46 to Ballarat 6-10-46, in the replay Maryborough 8-17-65 to Ballarat 8-12-60. Maryborough’s record of three premierships in four years is one of the clubs best.


‘Famous aviator Bert Hinkler briefly lands on the City Oval near the cricket pitch but quickly lifts the nose up to just skim over the trees on the eastern side of the oval, he then safely lands at the Miners Racecourse’. The Ballarat Courier 23rd April 1928

‘In 1930 there was much controversy about who won the Premiership, Redan were minor premiers and they were able to challenge after losing the grand final’! The Ballarat Courier September 1930


Junior football in Ballarat was very popular with over 4,000 people attending the 1932 Redan premiership win at the White Flat.


Between 1934 and 1936 the Ballarat Football League joined with Wimmera District Football League to conduct Ballarat-Wimmera Football League.


In February 1939 Ballarat Imperial Football club appointed Jack Wunhym as coach for the fifth consecutive year but by the end of March they were forced to disband. They were one of the most famous clubs in Ballarat Football winning a total of 16 premierships. In 1937 they were Premiers and Champions a team that included future Redan stars Eric Dalton, Val Stewart, Stan Webb, William Jenkins, Eddie Jenkins and Jack Wunhym.


Football in Ballarat was suspended due to the war 1940 to 1942. Redan continued to play in the District, they were known as the “Maroons”


In 1943 Redan wins the B Grade Premiership, this competition later became the Ballarat District League now the Central Highlands League. B Grade games were played at different venues which caused a lot of administrative problems.


Then in 1943 Redan joined the BFL as a senior team for the very first time, in 1946 when the BFL was reconstituted and re-formed it saw Redan as Premiers.


A young Keith Rawle from Essendon arrived in 1950 to coach Redan for seven years; in 1952 the team was Premiers and Champions, a feat only matched by North Ballarat in 1992. In a practice match the week before the 1953 Grand Final Redan defeated a strong Essendon team at St Patrick’s Oval. Redan made the finals losing only one game for the year before being runner-up to Golden Point in the Grand Final.


In 1953 Ballarat played Bendigo in a inter league match, the main game and the curtain raiser were both drawn games, unfortunately Bendigo player Ian Brown died from football injuries, a Trust was set up for his wife and three young children.


‘Sporting Globe’ 16th June.1954 ‘says that Country champions Ballarat should be admitted to the VFL’


Public School football was very strong in Ballarat and many players were successful in the VFL/AFL. St Patrick’s College was undefeated for 49 years, 1905 to 1954.  In 1952 John James kicked 35 goals against High School; John later joined Carlton and won a Brownlow Medal.


On Wednesday 23rd June 1954 Ballarat College defeated St Patrick’s 12-12-84 to 11-9-75 to break a possible 50 year record. Best players for College were John Birt and David Shaw both had long careers at Essendon.


Redan was a finalist in the early 1950's and 1960's, runners up in 1967, success came with the arrival of John Northey as playing coach in 1974, Premiers in 1975, 1976 and 1977 this was a wonderful era, a time of great excitement. Northey returned in 1980 to coach, Redan were runners up in 1981.


The next taste of finals was in 1984 under the leadership of David Blackburn when Redan were runners up. Michael Phyland from the Sydney Swans also took the side to the finals in 1992.

The cost of putting the 1992 team together proved great, a debt of around $60,000 crippled the club.


A large crowd attends the City Oval on 17th March 1996 to watch Geelong play Essendon.


North Ballarat juniors who failed to make the Rebels under 18 were left without a team,  Redan invited 13 North players to join the under 18, they were known as the Redan Roosters. Redan Under 18 went onto win the 1998 premiership, the next year they went through the season undefeated to win a second Premiership.


During the 1998 season, the club was forced to forfeit a game to Darley in the seniors and reserves due to lack of numbers. At which time a crisis meeting was called, from that meeting held on 9th June.1998 the Redan Past Players’ and Officials’ Association was reformed.


The first sign of the club's turnaround occurred when on 7th August. 1999 Redan defeated Daylesford by 108 points at the City Oval, its first win since 5th August 1995. 'Players were mobbed as spectators raced on to the ground to celebrate the long awaited victory' reported The ‘Ballarat Courier’ Monday, 9th August 1999.


Following the appointment of rookie coach Brett Quinlan (a five times premiership player from North Ballarat) in 2000, Brett wanted a challenge!


In 2002 the team went on to win its first Premiership in 25 years when it defeated arch rival Sunbury. After the game, the Eastern Oval was swamped with a sea of maroon and gold as the Redan supporters cheered on the players receiving their medals and the Premiership Cup.


In 2003, Quinlan managed to guide Redan to back to back flags for the first time since the Northey era again defeating Sunbury to claim the title. Going for a hatrick in 2004 we lost to Sunbury 14-14 98 to Redan 11-7-73 to be runners up.


In 2006 playing Coach Kieran Murrihy guided Redan to its eighth Premiership win over East Point before a crowd of 8,000 spectators at the Eastern Oval. In a season where East Point had dominated the competition to finish on top of the ladder, Redan managed to defeat the Kangaroos on three occasions, most importantly the Grand Final.


The following season Redan again tasted Premiership success with an 18 point victory over Sunbury. The win capped off the club's fourth premiership in six seasons and saw Kieran Murrihy go out as a dual Redan Premiership Coach.


In 2008 the Senior Reserves team coached by Gerard Faulkner won its first premiership in 24 years when it defeated Darley by 29 points. Jarrod Edwards wins his third Henderson Medal.


Our ninth senior premiership win in 2009 together with premiership wins in Reserves and Under 18 Netball also great wins in best and fairest awards in reserves netball to Steph Burns and an unbelievable fourth in a row Henderson medal win to Jarrod Edwards.


Jarrod was also BFL Inter league captain and VCFL captain. What a Year!


Past Players and Officials hold a great Team of the Decade dinner, one player out of 24 was unavailable to attend. Steve Bayly, Brett Quinlan and Joyce Hicks were made Hall of Fame members.


In 2010 we won the Under 18.5 and the Reserves Football premierships. Nathan Horbury was the BFL Rookie of the Year. Austin Murphy won the leading goal kicker with 52 goals in the under 18.5. In netball Claire Sandford won the Netball coordinator of the Year award. The netball reserves team were runner-up to Lake Wendouree as were the under 18.5.


Kieran Murrihy was elected as the BFL interleague coach, Sam Giblett, Nathan Blomeley, Isaac Smith, Ryan Waight, Ryan Knowles, Brendan Peace and Jarrod Edwards as captain all did Redan proud.


In 2011 we had a magnificent year winning five premierships, three netball and two football premierships. A great time of celebrations!

In 2018 the City Oval was re-furbished with the first night match played on May 5th against Lake Wendouree who won 8.17.65 to 7.10.52. With mains power not yet re-connected, the match finished with minutes remaining due to a generator failure and the result standing.

Five Redan Football Netball Club Premierships (2 senior Football and 3 Netball) capped a remarkable 2011. Scott Whiting took out the BFL U/16 Best & Fairest. Kate McMahon coached the Redan Senior netball team to its first ever Senior Premiership. Emma Blomeley's side took out the C Grade Netball and Hayley Munro's Under 18.5s. 


The club has a proud history of 82 football premierships (11 Senior Football), 15 netball premierships, 14 Henderson Medal Winners and in 2004 & 2005 won the prestigious Victorian Country Football League Most Disciplined Club award. A number of Redan players have gone on to VFL/AFL success. Ron Andrews, Essendon captain 1982 and Graham Gellie a St.Kilda player and coach. John Northey went on to coach Melbourne, Sydney, Richmond and Brisbane.


Redan players who played VFL/AFL:

Jack Atkinson (Richmond), Laurie Icke (North Melbourne), Ian Baker (St Kilda/Richmond), Graham Gellie (St Kilda), Russell Tweeddale (St Kilda/Footscray), Greg Packham (St Kilda), Ray Murphy  (North Melbourne), Len Templar (North Melbourne), Bob Stewart (North Melbourne), Ken Delaland (North Melbourne), Ian Burt (Essendon), Ron Andrews (Essendon/Collingwood), Greg Wood (Melbourne), Graham Willey (Essendon), Les Borrack (Geelong), Bill McKenzie (Richmond), Barry Cheatley (North Melbourne), Neil Trezise (Geelong), Claude Howard (Richmond), Ken Fyffe (North Melbourne), Phil Walsh (Richmond/Collingwood/Brisbane), Bill 'Boo' Jenkins (Richmond), Stan Wallis (Footscray), Shaun Grigg (Carlton/Richmond), Orren Stephenson (Geelong/Richmond), Isaac Smith (Hawthorn)


Ballarat Football League Senior Football Premierships:

Men: 1946, 1952, 1975, 1976, 1977, 2002, 2003, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2011

Women: 2018

Ballarat Football League Senior Netball Premierships:



Henderson Medal Winners:

1946 - Stan Webb*, 1949 - W.Ebery*, 1951 - Keith Rawle*, 1955 - Graham Willey, 1957 - Bill McKenzie, 1976 - David Jenkins, 1981 - Greg Packham, 1992 - Michael Phyland, 1993 - Michael Smith, 1994 - Michael Smith, 2006 - Jarrod Edwards, 2007 - Jarrod Edwards, 2008 - Jarrod Edwards, 2009 - Jarrod Edwards, 2017 Nathan Horbury

*Known as Ballarat Football League Gold medal at the time.

Sally McLean Trophy:

2017 - Ruby Parry

Tony Lockett Medal Winners:

1952 - W.Wells (73 goals), 1953 - W.Wells (116), 1975 - D.Atkinson (67), 1982 - G.Cahir (84)


Ian Pym - Club Historian


The Redan Story
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