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B: Cal Howlett
Junior player, played in U/16 1947/48 Premiership. Won senior Best & Fairest in 1956, played 217 Senior games. Great combination with Bill Closter.
Barry Cheatley
Junior & senior player who returned after completing National Service training in Puckapunyal to be able to play as a member of the 1958 Reserves Premiership. Played 81 games at North Melbourne and went on to become the Marketing Manager, Life Member & Hall of Fame inductee.
Don Discher
Assistant coach 1981-82. Won Dalton/Bayly Best & Fairest in 1981. Played 12 games at St Kilda from 1978-79. Henderson medallist at Ballarat FC and BFL interleague Captain 1982.
Garry English
Inspiring tough player originally from North Melbourne where he played 71 games. Captain-Coach 1960-62 and non-playing coach in 1979. Club President 1964, junior coach, BFL interleague captain 1962.
Ron Andrews
Tough, straight ahead player. Won Dalton/Bayly Best & Fairest in 1972 from 11 games. Played 1971-73 and was captain in his final year. Essendon 1973-83, 151 games and Collingwood 1984, 6 games.
Ken Nunn
Junior player, runner up in U/16 1966 & U/18 1967. Won Dalton/Bayly Medal in 1969 & 1970. Triple Premiership player 1975-77 who played 113 games. Father of 2002/03,07 Premiership player Luke Nunn. BFL Hall of Fame.
C: Terry McAliece
Originally from Creswick, McAliece had amazing pace for a tall player. Won Dalton/Bayly in 1987 & 88. Triple Premiership player 1975-77. Reserves coach 1996. BFL interleague player.
Graeme Gellie
A fast creative player, Gellie won the 1977 Dalton/Bayly medal. Triple Premiership player 1975-77 and played 44 games. Went to St Kilda in 1978 and became Coach in 1984.
Len Templar
Great stab kick who played in the 1952 Premiership side. Also coached Ballarat FC and went to North Melbourne from 1954-57 playing 60 games. Ballarat's leading Athletics coach.
HF: John Northey (C)
Inspiring leader and Triple premiership player/coach 1975-77. Won Dalton/Bayly medal in 1974. Captain/coach 1980-81. Very successful BFL interleague coach 1981-84. Coached Melbourne, Richmond, Sydney and Brisbane in AFL.
Les Borrack
Junior player and part of the 1952 Premiership side. Went to Geelong from 1953-1960 for 95 games. Outstanding long kick. Two brothers Mal and Ferg both played senior football at Redan.
Eric Dalton
Premiership player in 1946, coach 1947. Played in two premierships on the same day. Played at Collingwood and Essendon. Dalton/Bayly named in his honour. Major worker in the Western Oval Hall.
F: Graham Willey
Won Dalton/Bayly medal in 1953 & 1955. Henderson medallist in in 1955. Played 17 games at Essendon in 1955-56 and headed the goal kicking. Wiley was regarded as one of the finest players to play at Redan.
Colin Chester
Junior player won the BFL & Redan U/16 Best and Fairest in 1965. Assistant coach and Premiership player in 1976. Played 100 games. Twice BFL leading goal kicker. Kicked 19 goals v Beaufort in 1976. Kicked 100 goals seven years running.
Greg Packham
Damaging left footer. Son of great Redan player and administrator Herb Packham. Won Henderson medal in 1981. Won Dalton/Bayly medal in 1979 & 1984. Played 118 games. Played at St Kilda 1982-83 for 17 games.
R: Budd Annand
Strong ruckman from St Kilda where he played 106 games from 1956 to 1962. Coached Redan from 1963-66. Dalton/Bayly medallist in 1965 & 67. Reserves coach 1967/68. Three sons played for Redan.
Michael Smith
Outstanding on-baller won Henderson medal in 1993 & 94 (by a record 11 votes). Also won Dalton/Bayly medal. Played 71 games with Redan and was twice named in the All Australian Country side.
Keith Rawle (VC)
From Essendon where he played 111 games, 1942-43 & 1946-49. Redan Captain/Coach from 1950 to 1956. Premiers and Champions in 1952. Won Henderson medal in 1951 and Dalton/Bayly medal in 1952. Class player, a great kick to position.
I: Bill McKenzie
Junior player who won the U/18 Best and Fairest in 1953. Won Dalton/Bayly medal and Henderson Medal in 1957. Played 2 games with Richmond in 1958.
Stan Webb
Regarded as the most balanced player in the BFL in the 1940's. Junior player who won the 1934 U/18 Best and Fairest. Won Henderson Medal & Dalton/Bayly medal in 1946.
Ken Delaland
Junior player who won the league U/16 Best and Fairest in in 1958. Won Dalton/Bayly medal in 1963. Runner up in The Courier trophy in 1963 and played 105 games. Played with North Melbourne in 1963.
Ray Murphy
A great desire for the ball. Played with North Melbourne in 1957 and 1958 for 20 games. BFL Interleague coach.
E: Greg Wood
Junior player who was runner up in the U/16 Best and Fairest. Played from 1968-72 for 42 games. Played 11 games at Melbourne. Kicked 189 goals in a season in the Riddell league. Forward pocket rover.
John Burt
Junior player who won the U/16 B&F in 1964. Won reserves B&F in 1965. Won Dalton/Bayly medal in 1973, 1975 & 1978. Triple Premiership player 1975/76/77. Senior Coach 1989 & 1990. Played 239 games between 1965-81.
Ian Baker
Junior player, won Best first year player with Ron Andrews. Captain/Coach 1987, played 100 games. Played 53 VFL games with St Kilda and Richmond. North Ballarat Premiership coach. BFL Hall of Fame.
Claude Howard
Junior player who went on to play CHB in the 1952 Premiership side. Played at reserves Richmond and also a top VFA player/Coach at Preston.
John Northey - Coach
Inspiring leader and Triple premiership player/coach 1975-77. Won Dalton/Bayly medal in 1974. Captain/coach 1980-81. Very successful BFL interleague coach 1981-84. Coached Melbourne, Richmond, Sydney and Brisbane in AFL.
Val Stewart - Trainer
Junior player and Junior premiership coach. Trainer at East Ballarat for six years and six years at Ballarat. Head Trainer of Redan from 1946 to 1982. Assisted at the 1956 Olympics in Melbourne. Volunteer fireman, professional athletics & boxing.


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