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Shaun Grigg - My Redan Story


April 2016

Tell us about your time as a Redan junior and some of the highlights?


I loved playing with my mates I grew up with. When I was playing juniors we really

struggled as a club. Didn't have enough players, had little equipment and didn't win many games. So seeing Redan succeed now not only at senior level but also at junior level makes me really proud to still feel a part of a great club. 


Which of your coaches and teammates had the biggest influence on you at the club?


I had my dad Peter coach me for a couple of years which was great. I also enjoyed being

coached by John Jess (father of the current reserves super coach Tom) I really looked up to the Redan senior players as much as I did AFL players.


I absolutely loved going to watch the Redan seniors and aspired to play with them. (One

day hopefully I will) my all time favourite and someone who worked closely with me as a

junior was Paul "Sammy" Ellis. A Redan legend.

At what stage did you think you were a genuine chance to be drafted and were you aware of Carlton’s interest?


I always dreamed of playing AFL but it probably became something I really chased when I was around 16. Before that I just loved getting out there having fun with my mates and

putting on the Redan jumper.

Describe the process of being traded between clubs. Did you have any say in where you went?


I did. I became aware Richmond were keen to require my services so I met with Damien Hardwick. They made it clear that I could fit in and play a specific role for the team so I took the chance and signed with the Tigers.

What is it like playing under Damian Hardwick?


Unreal. I have the upmost respect for him. He coaches the way he used to play. He is very challenging on the players but also rewards you if you have done the right thing. He has a great balance and all the boys love playing for him.

What has been the key to Richmond’s progression in last couple seasons?


Just playing more often together. We have shown some progression with our younger players and we are all in sync with the game plan.

Who has been your toughest opponent during your career?


James Hird and Garry Ablett. 

What are your thoughts on the number of St Patrick's students making it through the AFL ranks in the past decade?


It certainly is a footy factory. Howard Clarke has done and continues to do an amazing job running a fantastic and successful program.

Do you have any business interests away from football?


I'm involved with a company called Broadband Solutions. We offer high quality Internet, voice and data solutions for businesses all over Australia. We work with small and large businesses, health care, education and government departments. Also we supply to about 90% of hotels in Australia. 


Basically we can offer you a better service than you currently have for cheaper. Or if you are happy with your current provider we can keep you on the exact same connection / service but offer it to you for cheaper than you pay now.  


Would be happy to offer better deals for Redan supporters. 


What would be your best piece of advice for the junior players at Redan?


Have fun! Enjoy the game and enjoy playing with your mates. Most importantly belt out that great song with your coaches and mates after a win.

With Jeromy Johnston and Tom Jess

2006 AFL Draft pick 19

Redan Senior debut 2019

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