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Season 2019 Preview

We hear from six young Lions to discuss the upcoming netball, women's and men's football seasons. 


Tell us about how you came to join Redan?

Ash: I joined Redan in search of a Senior Club we my previous club only involved Juniors.

Sam: I came to Redan in my first year of Under 18’s after playing at Lakers for all of my junior career. I made the switch because I wanted a change and many of my school friends were at Redan.

Erin: I relocated to Ballarat for work at the end of 2013. I had always wanted to play footy and thought that it would be a great way to meet people. I joined up at Redan as they were one of the first teams to have an open women’s side and I’ve been playing ever since! 

Emily: ​I came to join Redan when I attended boarding school at Ballarat Clarendon College in Year 10. My sister Caitlin had been playing at the club for around three years so I was familiar with the club prior to beginning playing in 2009


Todd: I went to primary school at Pleasant St and Redan was the closest club to the school, and the fact that my brother was already there made it an easy choice, and I’ve been here ever since.


Georgie: I came across to Redan back with most of the old north girls back in 2014 in Redan’s inaugural season.


What have been some of the highlights of your time with the club to date?


Ash: Being part of premiership teams in 2016 and 2017.

Sam: The biggest highlight so far being at the club was winning the Under 18s premiership in my second year at the club.

Erin: The biggest highlight would definitely be winning the premiership last year. Nothing will ever beat the feeling of winning the flag. Another milestone was being the first one to reach 50 games, our seasons are pretty short so it took a while to get there. 

Emily: My time playing with Redan I have been lucky enough play in two Under 19 premierships and participate in several final series playing alongside some wonderful girls.

Todd: One standouts which is winning the Under 18s premiership a couple years back, coming down from 40 odd points was what made it particularly special. Another highlight is all the great mates I’ve made through the club in the years that I’ve been here.

Georgie: The highlight to date would have to be winning the grand final last year! We had some really tough years in the beginning so it was great to finally come away with a premiership!


What do you feel makes Redan such a great club?


Ash: There is a community of generations of families and long term members that keep the club going.


Sam: I like Redan so much because the players and everyone around are just so much fun to be around. And whether you’re a first year player or been at the club forever, you’re immediately welcomed into the team.

Erin: Everyone is so welcoming and friendly. My teammates are some of my closest friends and they are the reason I have stayed in Ballarat. Redan also haven’t given up. It hasn’t been easy to maintain an open women’s side, but the club has supported us each season. We’ve also integrated with both the junior and senior sides, which continues to make our women’s footy teams stronger and more supported in the local community. 


Emily: Redan has always been a very welcoming, successful and social club. They have always made me feel very welcome & supported.


Todd: Definitely the social side of the club is one aspect I believe makes the club so enjoyable to play at, and the loyalty surrounding the club. Another reason Redan is such a great club is because there are some great players past and present to look up to and learn off.

Georgie: Redan is an amazing club because of the people who are in it. Everyone is really welcoming and friendly and the women’s football team wouldn’t be where it is now without the backing of the whole club.

What can we expect to see from your side this season?


Ash: A side eager to learn and be challenged.

Sam: I think this year we’re going to come out and just go about our business as a competitive side in the comp, we know what we want to achieve and I think that will be reflected in our effort on the field.

Erin: Our team is looking really strong again this year although we have lost a few key players to the VFL. We are hoping to go back to back and win another flag. We should have good numbers taking the field each week, everyone’s getting so excited for Round 1!

Emily: You can expect to see a lot of new faces around the netball club this season. There has been a lot of change, which has seen a number of experienced and talented players leave the club to pursue other walks of life. Which means there has been some re-building, but from what I have seen in pre-season there has been a number of new and old faces that will bring a lot of talent to their respective teams. Be sure to keep an eye out for all the young talent!

Todd: ​A young developing side with a bit of leg speed and some good kicking.


Georgie: Although we have lost a few players this year, we have picked up quite a few new ones who are keen to get the season underway. Hopefully we are fortunate enough to go back to back this season.

Which players have impressed you most over the preseason?

Ash: The young girls coming up from the Junior club.

Sam: Lots of boys have put in some hard work over this preseason, but Will Madden, (Liam) Skip Phillips and Simon Remington are three blokes that have really stood out to me in getting themselves ready for this season.

Erin: Lori has impressed me the most. She has worked so hard over pre season and is looking super strong and fit, it’s no surprise that she secured a spot with Essendon VFL side for 2019. All the new girls that have come across are also showing good potential. Carly, Tam and Ellen are fitting well into our side. 

Emily: Ella Higgins - has been impressive over the pre-season. Her confidence has grown and this shows as she impacted on and off the court. Her versatility will be an asset for her this year and it will be exciting to continue to watch her grow and keep developing over the season

Todd: Sam Carr despite his interruptions, (Liam) Skip Phillips and Sam hope also.


Georgie: The commitment from all the new girls have really made a huge impact in our preseason, they are consistently attend training and giving 100% every training.

What would you like to accomplish before your time at Redan is over?


Ash: Another premiership.

Sam: Hopefully my time at Redan is far from over so I’m not really thinking about achievements just yet, just trying to get better and play some consistently good footy for the time being.

Erin: ​I’d love to be able to reach 100 games in the maroon and gold and I think that’s about another three seasons away. 

Emily: A senior premiership would be wonderful!!

Todd: The obvious one would be to win a premiership but also just play some good footy.

Georgie: Other then winning another premiership, reaching 100 games would be pretty amazing. It would still be a couple of years away but it would be amazing to get.

What advice do you have for the junior girls and boys starting their careers at Redan? 

Ash: Train how you want to play. 

Sam: The best advice I could give is to enjoy playing with your mates, because that’s how teams stick together and ultimately why you start playing in the first place.

Erin: Redan is one of the only clubs with a full structure from youth girls through to open women’s, which means you can play footy at any age. Don’t be afraid to give footy a go, Redan is one of the best clubs going around and once you start playing, you won’t want to stop. 

Emily: Take the opportunity to give anything a go, be open minded and always be willing to learn.

Todd: Enjoy your footy and netball as much as you can, cherish it and make some good friends out of it.

Georgie: Redan is an amazing club full of awesome people. You will make some strong friendships along the way so go out and enjoy your football or netball each week and remember to have fun!

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