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Leigh Bray - My Redan Story

May 2024

Where did you grow up and what were some of your earliest footy memories?

I was born in Ballarat and played football from the age of 12 with Sebas Tech and then went on to play with Wendouree Juniors at the age of 16 to 19.

Describe yourself as a footballer.

I would say i was an average footballer,  consistent and fast. I played in numerous positions.

Who or what was it that brought you to Redan?

Richard Godfrey-Roberts asked my son Dylan if he would like to play with Redan in the under 13's and so the story of my journey with Redan started.

What are some of the roles you have taken on during your time at the club?

I was involved in forming the first Junior Committee in 1999, when Dylan started playing. By forming a Junior Committee we were able to attract more families to the club creating a social calendar which then turned our finances from nothing to a viable working club, thus in turn increasing our player numbers.

I was Junior Co-Ordinator, Secretary and also a Board Member during my time at the Juniors and from then on Time Keeper and Ground Manager with the Seniors.

Describe the honour of being awarded Life Membership?

My proudest achievement was becoming a Life Member of the club and also helping the Juniors establish themselves as competitive teams within the competition.

My Life Membership was very unexpected and a great honour to be part of such an elite list.


Who have been the best five players you’ve seen during your time in either the juniors or seniors?

In my opinion Redan has had many great players during my time it is very hard to list them all but -  Jarrod Edwards, Isaac Smith, Nathan Horbury, Ryan Waight and Mark Kennedy come to mind.


Who are some of the people who have had the biggest impact off the field during your time at Redan?

Over the years I have been involved in Redan there have been many people who have worked tirelessly in various roles to achieve the success the club has had both on and off the field.

What advice do you have for someone wanting to become a volunteer at Redan?

Volunteering in any form is rewarding and an essential part of any organisation.

Without volunteers clubs would have to employ people adding more expenditure in the running of the club.

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