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Allan Morcombe - My Redan Story
November 2023

Where did you grow up and what brought you to Redan?

I grew up on the Corner or Eyre and Ascot St 3 blocks from the Western Oval. We played school football at the Western Oval for Urquhart St Primary which ultimately led me to Redan.

Who were some of the coaches who had the biggest impact on your football?

Alan Sandwith, Booey Jenkins, Max Lyle

Describe yourself as a footballer.

Just average. Small in stature, playing in the Centre, Wing or as a small forward.

You were lucky to play in three consecutive junior premiership sides at Redan, who were some of the teammates who went on to play senior football with the club?

Les Borrack, John Blain, Allan Fyffe, Bill Dunne, Ferg Borrack, Clarrie Howlett

Aside from the premierships, what were some of the other highlights you had during your junior years?

Playing on very wet grounds on very cold days against sides that didn’t score. I remember watching our U/16s coach playing seniors and being best man on the ground, shit he was good that day – Alan Sandwith.

You went on to play reserves and were coached by Max Lyle, what are your recollections of Max and your highlights of playing open age football at Redan?

Open age football was a lot harder and work prevented me from training so I struggled. Max Lyle was a very good coach and footballer. Max played senior football for Redan and was a very good player.

Who were the best five players you played with at Redan and who was your toughest opponent?

Les Borrack, Stan Cairns, John Blain, Clarrie Howlett & Ron Ringin. Toughest opponent was Col Walkley from Maryborough.

Who was the best Redan player you saw play?

Stan Webb

Your father was also a committee member for a number of years, what were some of the off-field achievements he was part of?

He was part of all of our junior sides and moved to seniors. Dad was a committee member who helped where ever he could.

Can you tell us about some of the fundraising efforts you were involved in during your time with the club?

We used to have concerts, club balls, card nights, rabbit drives, club ties, football club badges.

There was a rather unique looking Redan tie produced around this time. Can you recall whose idea it was and how popular they were around the club?

I think it was Doc Harty our trainer at the time. The ties were very popular especially when attending club balls etc.

What are your recollections of the 1952 premiers and champions senior football team?

They were an absolutely brilliant team with players like Rawley & Templar. Bomber Wells was great but I can’t remember if he was rubbed out for the grand final. I think Johnnie Blain played in it & Frank Murphy.

You later moved on to play with East Ballarat, what were some of your highlights of this time and at what age did you retire from football?

I moved to East to play with a few of my mates and ended up retiring at age 22 as work commitments didn’t really allow me to train. We didn’t have any success but it was good to get to play a couple of seasons with them.

Were you been involved with football since and have you followed Redan closely over the years?

No I haven’t had any real involvement in football since but have continued to follow Redan over the years without actively going to games.

Which of your teammates have you kept in touch with over the years?

Ron Ringin would be the main one.

What do you think has made Redan such a special club to so many families over the years?

Redan always made everyone feel welcome.

What advice do you have for the young boys and girls starting their football and netball careers at Redan?

Enjoy the game, listen to your coaches, train like you play and look after your team mates.

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