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My Redan Story

Alan Bedford

Where did you grow up and what is your earliest childhood memory of your football career?


I grew up in Sebastopol and played school footy for Redan PS (Graeme Burt was coach) and also played Under 12's for Sebastopol.


Who or what was it that attracted you to join Redan?

I was supposed to be picked up by the Sebas U16 coach to take me to training and he never did so some mates from school (Neville Collins was one) suggested I come to Redan and I did.

What can you tell us about playing junior football at Redan during the late in 1970s?

In those days it was pretty much the same routine of two laps to warm up, kick to kick, circle work then a sprint in from the bottom end goals!!!! Then ride your bike home in the dark. Played in some pretty atrocious conditions (Daylesford in the fog, Western Oval all mud!!) but was always fun!



Who were some of the coaches who had the biggest impact on you?

Tassie Coleman was my first coach at Redan and had the wonderful saying of "I'll kick your arse until your nose bleeds" if we mucked up!!!! Gary English was another who made sure we played hard tough football.

During this time the club won three senior Football premierships, did you watch any of those Grand Finals and what do you remember of that senior side?

I do recall watching some of their premierships as I went to Sebas Tech and followed players such as Russell Tweedale, John Warren and Leigh McKenzie who also went there.

You played some senior football with Redan in 1978, who was your first opponent and what can you remember of your first game?

I played four games while still in the Under 18's which was a  big thing in those days and can't remember my first game but I remember playing Golden Point at the Eastern Oval and Neil Desailly ran past me one time and his elbow made nice contact with the side of my head, I think that was my welcome to senior footy ha ha.

What was the biggest highlight of your time with Redan?

Being part of playing in four junior grand finals in four years, being Captain of the 1978 premiers and then returning in 2017 for the 40th reunion to catch up with some old faces and great mates.



You moved on to Carngham-Linton following your time at Redan, did you play much more football beyond this point?


I played two seasons out at Carngham-Linton where a few Redanies have come from, especially the Grigg family and then I moved to Bundaberg in Qld and played for eight years before becoming a Development Officer for AFLQ and this year was chosen in the Club's Team of the Half Century as second rover.


Describe yourself as a footballer.


I would describe myself as a tenacious rover who loved to kick a goal and hated losing!


Who were the best five players you played alongside? 

Greg Packham was the best I played alongside as we formed a great left footed roving combination.

Geoff Eason had a great set of hands and a great goal kicking technique.

Greg Tait was a beautiful kick on both sides of his body.,

Paul Jolly was a brilliant ruckman who used to give me plenty of footy and,

Neville Collins was a strong midfielder who I combined with on many occasions.  

Tell us about your work with former Redan premiership player Russell Tweedale in QLD during the 1990s.

Buckets was based in Cairns at the time and I was in Bundaberg so didnt get to see each other much except for end of year get togethers which were always a great catch up.

How far has AFL in Queensland come since those days and what has been the main reason for the progress which has been made?

In the 90's there was one Development Officer in each major city (all up inc Brisbane staff around 20 people) and we did a lot of travelling and clinics at schools, organising state and school carnivals, now there would be more than 200 staff. We used to get laughed at from a strong rugby league and soccer state in those days but since the Lions three-peat and recent success the game has grown enormously and something I'm very proud of.

What are you up to these days and do you still keep an eye on your old club?

I'm no longer involved in any aspect of club level but still keep a keen interest on the three clubs (Redan, Carngham Linton and West Bundaberg) I was proud to be a part of in my time.


What advice do you have for young boys and girls starting their football careers at Redan?

The game has certainly changed since the 70's and 80's but the thing that will never change is to try your best, be proud of your club and you will have friends for life!!!!

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