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1952 Grand Final Gallery


Please email us if you have any photos of this Premiership.

Keith Rawle addressing his players at training. Front row starting from the left 4th player in is Bruce Holloway then Len Templar, Herb Packham, Les Borrack, Max Lyle, In the back row is Bill Chapman, the 4th player in at the very back is ? Kerr, 3rd along from him is Max Haymes, the player in the centre with the large RFC logo Charlie Eltringham, Bomber Wells is in the short sleeve jumper and Billy Dunne is wearing the plain jumper with the white collar. (Courtesy Graeme Lee) 

The 1951 photo contains many of the 1952 premiership side. Back Row from left  Max Haymes, Alan Richards or Richardson, Bill Ebery, Max Willis, unknown, Jack Atkinson. Centre Row from left  Eddie Skilbeck, unknown, Keith Rawle, unknown, Dinny Murphy, unknown, Max Spittle. Front Row from left  Max Lyle, Jack Papworth, unknown, Bruce Holloway, unknown. (Courtesy Graeme Lee) 

Bomber Wells in a later season.

Back Row from right Mrs Maloney, Mrs Parry, Uknown Mrs Ritchie, Unknown Front Row from right Mrs Wilson, Mrs Castle, Emily Lee, Unknown

August 20th 2016 - A re-union of the 1952/3 sides held in The Den at the City Oval. In attendance were Les Borrack, Bill Ebery, Graham Willey, Len Templar, Frank Murphy, Geoff Opie along with Ian Pym, Warwick and Simon Remington, Robert Ebery and Tracey Boyce.

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