Eugene Grigg - My Redan Story

September 2020

Tell us about how you made your way to Redan.

I only spent "five minutes" at the club.  I lived at Linton and from 1965 when ten years old played with them and Carngham Linton from 1969. At 19 years old I played in their first senior premiership in 1974. This was in the Western Plains Football League.

Carngham Linton played finals consistently and won the premiership again in 1976. Runners up in 1977 and 1979. I was approached to coach Bradvale in 1980 where my wife's family had a farm. We won one or two games that year and I saw no future staying there.


I thought it was too early to go back to Carngham Linton to play and thought I would try out in the Ballarat League in 1981 as a 26 year old. 40 years next year!!

John Northey was coaching Redan again and as he was highly regarded thought I would try out there. So I just turned up. Other than knowing Daryl Fenton who was a young recruit from Carngham Linton I didn't really know anyone else.

What are some of your recollections of that season?

That year I played every game in the seniors and made it to the Grand Final to be beaten by Golden Point. We led the second semi final as I remember until the final few minutes when Daryl Cunningham took Mark of the Day sitting on my shoulders and kicked a goal to put them in front. Disappointing as things may have been different if we had won!

In grand final team photo I am second from left back row next to Greg Packham.

John had Laurie Prosser as fitness coach who was highly respected and made me aware of the importance on fitness for football.


That year along with a few of the 1970s era premiership players were also Don Discher, Greg Packham, Phillip Walsh etc.

At end of year presentation, my family won a trophy as the best family as my wife and three children regularly attended games and after match presentations in the rooms at the Western Oval.

Can you tell us about your football career post 1981?

At the end of that year I applied for coaching job at Carngham Linton and was appointed. We won the 1982 premiership. Again in 1983, 1984 under Michael Hirst, me again in 1985 and Runners Up in 1986 my last year as coach.

Certainly that one year at Redan had a great influence on my future coaching and playing life.



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